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Skin , VD & Sex specialists


Dr. Abul Farah
Cham: Islami Bank Hospital, 24/B,
Outer Circular Road, Motijhil, Dhaka;
9336421-3, 8317090 (C), 8629852 (R). 0171-187109 (M)

Dr. A.K.M Shariful Islam
Cham: Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd,
243/1, New Circular Road, Malibag, Dhaka;
8316862, 8321982, 9339610 (C), 8316101 (R)

Dr. A. Momin
Cham: Tarokalok Complex Bhaban,
25/3, Green Road,
8610313, 9661410 (C), 0171-590290 (M)

Dr. A. Quaium Chowdhury
MBBS, DDV, M-Derm,
Fellow-Sex Disease & AIDS (India),
Fellow-Skin Surgery (Germany).
Cham: I) Pan Pacific Hospital, 24, Outer
Circular Road, Shajahanpur, Dhaka;
9349794, 9351777 (C).
II) Appolo Skin Care, 32/A, Eastern Plaza
(5th Floor), Hatirpul, Dhaka; 9662253 (C) 019324774 (M)

Dr. Ahammad All
Cham: Medinova, H-71/A, Rd-5/A,
Dhanmondi, 8620353-7, 8624907-10 (C)

Dr. A. K. Md. Shahidul Islam
MBBS, DD, FGT (STS) (Seul)
Cham: Remedy, 15 Green Super
Market, Green Road, Dhaka; 8119454 (C), 8611821 (R)

Dr. A. Momin
Cham: Green View Clinic, 25/3 Green
Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka; 9661410, 8610313 (C)
 Dr. A. N Maksuda
MBBS, DDV, Dip. in G-U MED & VD (Eng)
Cham: Medinet, 15 Sweden Plaza,
Section-1, Mirpur, Dhaka; 9003681(O)

Dr. A. S. Mofrehuddin
Cham: Ibn Sina Consultation Centre,
H-58, Road-2/A. DRA.  8618007, 8618262 (C)

Dr. A. Wadud
Cham: 271/3 Elephant Road, (Near Bata
Signal) 9665499 (C)

A. Z. M Maidul Islam
D. D. AEL (Paris), DTAE.
AESD&V; Prof. & Head of Dept. IPGMR
Cham: Docto's Diagonastic Centre,
R-7, Dhanmondi, 9123060. 8115300 (C).

Dr. Didarul Ahsan
MBBS, DDV (Austria), Fellow, RSH (Lond).
Cham: (i) Al-Rajhi Hospital, 12
Farmgate, Dhaka, 8119229, 9117775, 8121172 (C).
(ii) 10, Green Super Market, Green
Road, Dhaka, 8130113 (C), 9002145 (R)

Dr. Fouzia Yasmeen
Cham: Omar-Sultan Medical Services
Ltd, H-33, Rd-8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka;
9123621-3 (C), 9120240 (R)

Dr. Hassan Mohammad Khan
DDV PG Fellow (Germany)
Cham: 11, New Baily Road, Ramna,
Dhaka, 9331205 (C), 9333818 (R)

Dr. (Brig) J B M Zafar Sadeque
MBBS, DDV, CMD Diploma (Germany),
PG Fellow (China).
Cham: 30 Green Super Market, Green
Road, Dhaka; 8122470 (C)

 Dr. Kawsari Jahan
Cham: Dhaka Diagnostic Centre,
8625361 (C)

Dr. Kazi A. Karim
Cham: Popular Diagnostic Centre, H-
11/A, R-2, DRA, 9661491-3, 9669480 (C),

Dr. Lutfun Nahar
MBBS, Ph.D (Japan);
Dermatologist, DMCH
Cham: 17 Green Super Market. 1st Floor,
9141504 (C), 8812420 (R)

Dr. Mafizuddin Ahmed
MBBS, FDS (Lon).
Cham: Nistar Pharmacy,
3, Green Super Market, Green Road, 9118527 (C)

Dr. M.A Wadud
Cham: (i) Doctors Clinic,
9, Mitford Road,
018216368, 018215287(M)
(ii) New Dhaka Clinic, 4, D.C. Roy Road,
Mitford, Dhaka; 7311796, 7316713 (C), 011837318 (M)

Dr. Md. Abdus Sadir
MBBS, DD (Thai),
Cham: Bangkok Skin Centre,
160, Shahid Faruque Sarak, North Jatrabari,
7511117 (C), 7415628 (R), 0171-820540 (M)

Dr. (Major-Rtd) Md. Muzammal Hoque
MBBS, DDV, FPGC, PFT in Dermato-Surgery (Eng)
Cham: I) Islami Bank Hospital, 24/B
Outer Circular Road, Motijhil, Dhaka;
9336421-3,8317090 (O)

Dr. (Brig. Gen) Md. Nurul Amin
MBBS DDV, DD (Thai), MD (Derma).
Cham: (i) 2, Green Super Market, Green
Road, Dhaka, 9115809 (C)
(ii) Fair Ways Medical, H-39, Rd-11.Banani. Dr. Md. Obaidur Rahman
Cham: Uttara Crescent Clinic (Pvt) Ltd.
H-4, Rd-4, Sector-7, Uttara,
8912744, 9870011, 9880150-3431 (C)

Dr. Md. Quamrul Ahsan
MBBS, PhD (Skin & VD), MD (Derma)
Cham: Al- Markajul Islami Hospital,
H-29, Rd-3, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur,
9129217, 9129426 (C)

Dr. Md. Quamrul Hassan Jaigirdar
MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
Cham: The Medical Centre, H-84,
Rd-7/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi,
9135381, 9118219 (C), 019-342889

Dr. Md. Shahidullah
MBBS. DDV, DD (Thai).
Cham: 'Sensitive' 4,5 Green Super
Market, Green Road, Dhaka; 8122074 (C), 8119786 (R)

Dr. Md. Shahidullah Sikder
MBBS, DCM, MD (Derma),
FICMCH (India) DV, DD (Thai).
Cham: R.S Meddical Centre,
153/1,Green Road, Dhaka;

Dr. M. Ferdous
MBBS, DDV, CA (London)
Cham: Al-Helal Specialized Hospital,
150 Rokeya Sharoni, Senpara Parbata,
Mirpur, 9008181, 9006820 (C)

Dr. Mir Nazrul Islam
Cham: Doctor's Care, H-2/A, Rd-8,
Dhanmondi. 9661244 (Direct), 8617322,
8631058 (C). 8317274 (R)

Dr. M. M Insan
MBBS, DD (Japan), DD (Thai).
Cham: 4 Al-Farid Super Market, 107
Green Road, Dhaka, 9111298 (C),
9110415 (Appointment) Dr. M. Mujibul Hoque
MBBS, DDV (Dhaka), DDV (Viena).
Cham: 25 Green Super Market,
Green Road, Dhaka, 8120259 (C), 8610435 (O)

Dr. M. N. Huda
Specialist in Skin, Sex & Venereal
Diseases Cham: 42 Zohura market, 8620962 (C), 409425 (R)

Dr. Muhammad Mujibur Rahman
MBBS, FCPS (Skin, Sex & Venereal Disease).
Cham: General Medical Hospital,
103 Elephant Road, Dhaka, 8611932 (C)

Dr. Nazmul Karim Manik
Cham: Sumona Clinic, 3,4 Patuatuly,
7112583, 7115531, 9561786 (C)

Dr. Reaz Uddin Ahmmad
Cham: New Dhaka Clinic, 4, D.C. Roy
Road, Mitford, Dhak; 7311796, 7316713 (C)

Dr. Sayed Babar Hossain
MBBS, DDV, MRSH (Lon), FDV Fellow (Austria)
Cham: 'Super Skin Care' 6/7, Green
Super Market, 9132512 (C), 0171-135118 (M)

Dr. Sayed Nasrullah
Cham: Care Medical Centre,
Nayapaltan, 8318827 (C), 8318765 (R)

Dr. Sayed Shawkat Ahmed
MBBS, DTM&H (Bangkok), MSC (Lon).
Cham: Fuad Al-Khatib Hospital, Razzac
Tower, 2/2, South Kalyanpur, Mirpur,
9007188, 9004317 (C), 9891564 (R), 0171-368984 (M)

Dr. Shamsad Begum
MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
Cham: Meghna Diagnostic (Pvt) Ltd,
Circle-10. Main Road-1, Plot-4, Mirpur-10,
9000865 (O), 8620464 (R), 019-360476 (M)
 Dr. Zakir Ahmad
Cham: 14, Zahura Mraket, Banglamotor,
8616748 (C), 019-360352 (M)


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